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Version: 1.0

Installation FAQ

Please use kubectl describe or kubectl logs to see the installation error.

1. How do I Disable Gatekeeper audit

When installing gatekeeper with Ratify, by default ratify receives audit requests every 60 secs. If you are trying out a specific Ratify scenario, you might want to disable the audit feature of gatekeeper so the logs are easily discoverable. To turn off audit, please specify 0 as the auditInterval.

helm install gatekeeper/gatekeeper --name-template=gatekeeper --namespace gatekeeper-system --create-namespace --set enableExternalData=true --set auditInterval=0

2. How do I generate a Ratify TLS certificate

You must provide a TLS certificate for Ratify to use or enable RATIFY_CERT_ROTATION. Enable feature flag RATIFY_CERT_ROTATION if you don't have a ready to use TLS certificate, Ratify will rotate certificates automatically when they are about to expire.

helm install ratify \
ratify/ratify --atomic \
--namespace gatekeeper-system \
--set-file notationCert=<Your Notation Public Cert> \
--set featureFlags.RATIFY_CERT_ROTATION=true